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XBee Module Ordered

Sheesh, it’s been so long I forgot how to log in to my own blog! I just have one bit of progress to report: last night I ordered PCBs for an XBee module to connect to the controllers.  I still need to order parts for it. That’s all, really. Still reading?  OK, I don’t think […]

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Software Developments

Hello.  Let me bring you up to date on software developments over the past few weeks. One LED works (and one does not, for some reason.) The button works. Crystal oscillators work and SysTick interrupts are produced at 1ms intervals. Event Manager runs, with some API improvements. SWO debug output works in conjunction with printf. […]

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Let me bring you up to date, oh most patient reader. The PCBs came in. Stencils arrived and look good. I hired a tech to assemble everything, which he did without the need of the stencils. I tried programming it with the LM3S3748 eval module and did not succeed. I bought an IAR I-Link and […]

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So in the last entry, about 4 months ago, I had discovered my choice of processor wouldn’t work.  Since then a lot has happened and I probably should have been updating this blog as I went along. First, I should say I decided to dump the Luminary Micro line and picked up STMicro.  I selected […]

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A bad time to be questioning your choice of microprocessor would be just after sending a PCB design out for fab.  But tonight I was looking up part numbers and pricing info on digikey and found out the processor I wanted isn’t available.  The LM3S5632 seems to be obsolete. There seems to be a new […]

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It has been a long time since I’ve had any progress to report.  I get tired of saying, “Nothing yet.  Nothing yet.”  So it is with pleasure that I can report I’ve completed a PCB design and sent it off for fabrication. This is the design I was working on during the Spring. I had […]

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Fall Begins

I had a feeling there wouldn’t be any progress on the controller design during the Summer.  We had swim team, two vacations and a busy work schedule to deal with.  In fact work has been a real problem since we have a major delivery being released Oct 7.  But about a week or two ago, […]

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So much progress was made in April! I had the schematic and layout done in PCBExpress. But that wasn’t good enough. PCBExpress doesn’t have a silkscreen layer on the back side so there was no labeling of components on that side. Even worse, those labels showed up on the front! So I decided to convert […]

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Good news for once!  Over the last three weeks I’ve been working steadily on the layout of the controller board.  It’s about 99% complete now.  I just have to clean up some labels and fix the spacing of the mounting holes. I always assumed I would have this design reviewed by somebody else once it […]

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Glacial Progress

Hmm, almost 3 months since my last update. That’s discouraging. Last weekend I completed the schematic for the controller module. Then I started on layout. I have 8 of the larger components’ footprints done. There are more components to lay out then, of course, there’s all the placement and routing. I’m hoping to keep this […]

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